sakata city


Sakata city is one of the interesting cities in the Asian country, Japan. It had an estimated population of 105022 in 2015. It is the 3rd largest populated city in Japan, the largest producers of rice in the whole of Japan. The city is well-known for fishing because of the rivers surrounding the city. Sakata city is located at the joining of two rivers known as the Mogami river and the famous sea of Japan. Sakata city is a place to visit as a citizen of Japan or as a visitor. One of the things to enjoy apart fromfish is the Raman noodles. The city consumes Raman noodles more than any other city in Japan. The natural beauty of the city has attracted many movie directors. The Oscar winning movie“departures ”isone of the movies produced in Sakata city. Someof the many establishments commonin Sakata city are the Sea food restaurants where people visit to eat the sea products from the rivers. Sea market is also common in the city. Live and fresh sea fishes and other sea products are sold tocustomers at an affordable price at the sea market. You will also see fishing industry where some of the sea products are processed into different foods.

sakata city

Trade and Transportation in Sakata city

The existenceof river in thecitymakes trading through Kitamebuneship easy fromthe city to Kansai region, Kyoto, Osaka, Kyushu and Honshu easy.

The Economy of Sakata City

Income flows into Sakata city throughdifferent means such as:

  • Agriculture: The soil fertility which is induced by the rivers plays a role in high productivity of agricultural products.
  • There is income generation through light manufacturing.
  • Companies in the city also have a big role to play in the revenue of the country. Such companies are: Seiko Epson where different electronics are developed. The Kao company that produces chemicals and cosmetics
  • Transportation means to Sakata city
  • You can visit Sakata city using:
  • Plane: the closest airport to visit sakata city is known asShonai Airport. Ittakes justt 30 minutes to arrive Sakata city using shuttle bus from the airport.
  • Train: You can visit Sakatacityusing the JR Uetsutrainline. This train goes through the Sea of Japan. Itis about 5 hours distance from Sakata city to Tokyo.

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