Any product small or big needs marketing. Today internet has given way for online business and online marketing. It is the easiest way to market your products to reach more people.

How to do internet marketing?

First you need to create a webpage for your business. Then add the pictures of your product or services with the details like price quote, location etc.. When people come across your page they will contact you. This is the basic steps in marketing your products.

Further you could create a face book page or twitter with the above mentioned details. this will help to market the products online.

What is an internet marketing tool?

Internet marketing tools are an aid to internet marketing. They make marketing easier on the internet. When we Google a key word we get many options on the same keyword. Internet marketing tools help to optimise the search. This helps to increase your position in the search when a person searches for the product. There are companies available on the internet that helps you to optimise your product search.

Internet marketing helps to carry on your sales worldwide through the internet using the internet and email. It is also used for advertising your products in addition to TV, radio and pamphlets.

Various steps in internet marketing

  1. You could advertise through your website or through other websites too.
  2. Could market through social media which is faster to reach the clients.
  3. Other than websites email marketing could be carried on by sending emails to current and prospective customers.

Steps to maximise the marketing of your company

Internet gives a wide area to market your products to get customers globally. Other than just creating a page or sending email there are various steps involved to maximise your chances to reach the customer.

  1. SEM
  2. SEO

SEM means Search Engine Marketing. SEM helps in researching and positioning of your website in the search engines to reach a wider audience.

SEO means Search Engine Optimisation.SEO helps in competitive analysis, keyword research etc which increases the search traffic and henceforth in improving the rating of your website.

SEO and SEM sounds similar but the difference being that SEO is a subset of SEM. SEO is mainly used for advertising purposes whereas SEM is used to send targeted user to your page. Both SEO and SEM are important for a company because both play hand in hand to improve the business.

When a search is done using a keyword on the search engine we find pages and pages of related sites listed on the screen. It is natural that anyone will go for the first or any link on the first page rather than search in all the pages. SEO helps to bring your site visible on the first page so that it reaches more people.

SEM on the other hand helps in organic search. That is it increases the exposure of your website bu including it in the search engines. It uses search engine optimisation to position your website in the list to reach more customers.

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