It’s always the season for decorating as you accessorize yourself for the right occasion and a special event. Whether you’re switching after a few months, changing your own preference, or bringing cherished accessories out for display, it’s always good to have a nice ornament for each gathering. When it comes to metal jewelry – from a special heirloom to a family keepsake – you always want to handle them with care to make sure they rest well, without tarnishing or rusting. Here are some simple ways to clean your silver accessory!

Deep Cleaning Silver Jewelry:

Buy a Silver Polish.

If tarnish occurs on silver, the aluminum and salt bath may not be able to handle it. Specially formulated silver jewelry solutions are your best and safest way for polishing silver accessories, especially if you’re dealing with an old piece that has a hard design engraved on it. Even special solutions can remove a layer of silver; hence, call the Palm Springs jewelry if you’re cleaning delicate pieces. Instead of buying silver polishes from drugstores, think about getting it from a store with high-quality jewelry department.

Rub the Accessory with a Small Polish.

Moisten the sponge included with the silver solution or a soft silver-polishing and take a little bit of polish onto the cloth. Rub the polish into the silver jewelry GENTLY! Use only a back-forth or straight-line motion. Do away with rubbing or scrubbing in circles, as this can result in patterns or scratches on the surface. Just let the polish do its job!

Rinse and Dry the Jewelry.

Rinse it under cool running water. Make sure to wash off all the polish residues so it won’t continue causing damage to the surface of your accessory. Dry it entirely with a soft piece of cloth.

Think About Using Household Products.

Think about using common household products for rare or less valuable pieces. They’ll work to remove strong tarnish but can result in damage that includes scratches or marks. Try them at your own risk! If this doesn’t work try making use of toothpaste.

Pick plain white toothpaste without the special whitening chemicals. Use dampened cloth or sponge and put the toothpaste on it. Gently rub it over the accessory in straight-line, back-and-forth motions. If you notice scratching at this phase, stop and wash it off. As the cloth or sponge becomes dark with tarnish, add more toothpaste to a clean one part of the dampened cloth or sponge and continue polishing. Wash thoroughly with warm water and dry it with a soft towel.

Moreover, baking soda could get rid of tough tarnish, but don’t use it unless you don’t mind the danger of damaging your accessory. Make a paste of warm water and baking soda, rub it on the accessory’s surface gently, and then rinse when tarnish is removed.

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