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There will be more scope to enable the samples when it is passed through the special instruments in order to remove the polyps. The assessment is done for the sample by Dr Ganesh Ramalingam which is sent in order to exclude cancer by the pathologists. The thin and flexible tube is included in the small camera of the colonoscopy. The best way is investigated through the colonoscopy in order to remove and detect the polyps. At the time of colonoscopy, the doctor will verify the entire length of the colon and rectum. The facts of the colon cancer can be detected easily with the help of the MOH guidelines. The patients can discuss the positive medical history of your family with the doctor once if the screening is completed.

Iddr ganesh ramalingamentify the risk factors:

The early detection will help to increase the chances of cure for colon cancer. The regular screening is done after 50 years of age if you are experiencing any symptoms of colon cancer. The early detection of cancer done by dr ganesh ramalingam will mainly increase the chances of curing. If you are able to detect the cancer development in the earlier stage then it is very easy to prevent. The main purpose of regular screening is to identify the risk factors of colon cancer. The later stages of any disease will have very low survival rates when compared to the earlier stages. Colorectal cancer which is detected in the early stages will enable good rates of cure.

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