From Stone Age onwards when human searched for a source for their entertainment games stood at the top to entertain the human and based on the human physical strength and nature several games has been framed separately for both men and women. In ancient gaming, mostly the games are based on the player’s physical activities but in this modern world of computers, the computer video games occupy the dominant place to entertain the human in-spite of games having a physical stress to the players.

The beginning of the computer era with machine oriented languages does not pay much way to the development of the video games, but since after the emergence of java programming language more and more video games started to come into this world. The java based games with the additional multimedia effects pulled the people of all ages to get attracted to it and some made people addicted to it.

Although many video games are emerging day by day but based on the type of players playing them, they are classified into harder and softer games. The harder games are designed in the manner that they needs more aggressive effort from the players who plays them  so they are considered as the games suitable for the men who are little bit more aggressive compared to that of girls. Because of less aggressive effort and quit bit of complexities involved as same as that of girls, softer games are treated as Girl Games.

Specialty of Girl games

Girl Games are specially considered as the virtual gaming environment for the girls of all ages. Based on the ages of girls playing the game, the game developers sorted Girl Games into various categories from young age to old age. Barbie games and Princess Games are games which would be more interesting for the young age girls. Makeup games and dress up games are games suitable for the teen ages, cooking games and kissing games will be apt game for the next set of age groups to entertain themselves. Mostly such games would be available in two forms, first form is the game in the form of application format which needs to be installed on the computer and to proceed further and the other form is the games available in online. For the girls who are interested in playing the ideal mixture of video games then online games would be right choice for them to cheer with more fun for girls. These games are beyond doubt having proved to be successfully. Even in organizations and at home, there are no precincts in relaxing your mind.  People started realizing about the fact that by playing these games their mental ability and the arithmetic skills will improve and they can bring efficiency in the work they do.  This has been one of the basic reasons for continuously improvising, upgrading and frequently introducing new games and new horizons. Since they are not aware of the next move to be made, this increases their specialization in handling any kind of game.

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